Art history - Post Impressionism

with Paul Chapman

Code: AU501Time: 10.00-12.30Length: 5 weeksStarts: 15 OctDay: FridayCost: £75.00Venue: Black Swan Gallery


Five-week course  
October 15th 22nd 29th November 5th 12th 

Post-Impressionism is a name given to the predominantly French art movement that developed roughly between 1880s and 1905, from the last Impressionist exhibition to the birth of Fauvism. Post-Impressionism emerged as a reaction against Impressionists' concern for the naturalistic depiction of light and colour. It had a broad emphasis on abstract qualities or symbolic content. In these five sessions we will examine the work of well-known artists such as Cezanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh and Lautrec and consider their positions in the history of art. We shall also consider many other artists of the Post-Impressionist era including the Nabis and the Pointillists. A wide range of themes and subjects will be covered in this course with the main focus on colour theory, optical science and the social/political aspects of the times. 


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