Elaine Ewens

Elaine Ewens

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Elaine's online classes for autumn 2021:

YOGA Zoom Classes

Monday: 7 - 8.30 pm 

Thursday: 9 - 10.30 am 


£82.50 for a 10 week term

Info - www.elainemarieewens.co.uk or ring 07952 319240

Booking: contact Elaine on elainemarieewens@gmail.com


Fortnightly: Tuesday: 12.30 - 2.30 pm 

Alternating experienced and beginners

how we can calm our minds to enable them to move towards positive transformation, ultimately helping us transition through change with calm stability and strength

We will continue with a focus on the Śraddhāsūktam - a chant instilling hope, confidence and faith in the chanter

In addition we will revisit the Sūryanamaskāra-mantraḥ - the sun salutation - to bring some light and sunshine into our Winter days plus the Gāyatrī-mantraḥ - a classic chant about transformation towards courage and enlightenment and Mṛtyuñjaya-mahāmantraḥ - to protect and heal, ultimately bestowing immortality


£55 for a 5 session term

Info - www.elainemarieewens.co.uk or ring 07952 319240

Booking: contact Elaine on elainemarieewens@gmail.com

Elaine's style of teaching is informative, caring and fun - her positivity enthuses the student to try new things, yet feel nurtured in a group setting. After finding yoga to be life changing, bringing about great improvements to her health, she decided to train to be a yoga teacher – an opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm for the benefits of yoga to others. 

" The Zoom yoga classes are so much more enjoyable and powerful than I expected. In fact, in some ways, I find them more powerful than when we meet, maybe because I am able to put 100% into the practice - physically, mentally and from the heart - it is much more of a meditative practice." Helena, Frome

 "I realized that you don't have to be flexible and healthy to practice yoga – even when you are at your lowest ebb, yoga has plenty to offer and can really help improve your sense of wellbeing".

 Having trained as a yoga teacher in the tradition of Krishnamacharya/Desikachar, Elaine holds a double teaching diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga and the KHYF (Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation).

Plus she has recently qualified as a Vedic Chanting teacher following a 2 year course with the internationally renowned Radha Sundarajan and been chanting for 19 years

 "I am very excited to teach in this tradition – the focus is on the individual – something I aim to bring into the group class, by adapting postures and breathing techniques to match each student's abilities".

Elaine has 19 years experience of personal yoga practice and has taken many courses in yoga study.  She has been teaching group yoga classes for 9 years, Vedic chanting classes for 3 years and is fully insured as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. 

Elaine is happy to answer questions - do contact her:

Contact Elaine Ewens

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